Wholesale - Blanks

Laser Cut Crafts™ Offers a range of blanks for all industry's, we supply blanks in materials such as wood, acrylic, plastics & slate, Below is a list of our wholesale pricing for our more common items

80mm Christmas Baubles

$1 gloss/clear/frosted

$1.30 pastel

$1.50 glitter

$1.80 mirror

Bulk Mixed Packs of 50 are available for $60 inc postage at


Ply Discs ( No MOQ)
10cm birch ply cut out $0.80 each
20cm birch ply cut out $1.30
30cm birch ply cut out $2.75
40cm birch ply cut out $3.85
50cm birch ply cut out $4.85

Key Tags STD: ( MOQ 60 Pieces)
8x3 cm 5mm Hole $.60c
10x5 cm 5mm Hole $.90c

Key Tags Glitter: ( MOQ 40 Pieces)
8x3 cm 5mm Hole $.95c
10x5 cm 5mm Hole $1.40

Key Tags Shapes: (NO MOQ on std colour range MOQ of 30 pieces non std colours)

Std Acrylic: $1.10
Glitter: $1.40
Mirror: $1.80

Money Boxes: (MOQ 2 of a colour)
Std Acrylic:
10-20 $9.95
20-40 $9
40+ $8.50

Glitter Acrylic (MOQ 2 of a colour)
10-20 $14.95
20-40 $13
40+ $12.20

0-500g $8.30
500-1kg $11.80
1-3kg $17.95
3-5kg $24.95
5-25kg $37.50

We also have a designated design team for custom work and branding for your business that can provide a range of Copyright products specific to your business, 

If you are interested in a wholesale blanks order or interested in large QTY of a product not listed please fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch soon!

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